Free On The Inside is the radio program that Dion Welton hosts. Heard on as many as 160 stations at across the country Free on the Inside is an insightful, candid, straight forward program that reaches out to those hurting, looking for answers. A diverse audience from all walks of life, believers in Christ as well as non-believers tune into Dion across the country. With today’s social media explosion and the ability to listen on virtually any device, Free On The Inside is now available right here, each day, 24 hrs a day. You no longer need to worry about missing Free On The Inside if it airs at 7.00am in your area, or 9.00pm. Now, you can listen right here any time of the day or night.

Free On the Inside, a faith based radio program that was born in Chicago Illinois on WYLL am 1160, and expanded from there. A radio program that reaches for the hurting, believes in Hope for all people no matter where they are or what they have been through. Free On The Inside, a radio program that was born out of hurt, failure. HOPE, that's what Free on The Inside is all about. Brining HOPE to those that are HOPELESS. Listen here, each day, and learn what we mean when we say, “Meet Them Where They Are”