Dion Welton is the author of two books, Are We Really Forgiven, and Overcoming The Struggle. His third book THE PROBLEM WITH CHRITIANS is releasing Christmas of 2017. Dion's career was launched with his first book being written by hand, in a prison cell in 2009, 343 hand written pages. It's a dramatic story of a man changed by God, not into perfection, flawed, but completely changed by his experience.

Dion has dedicated his life to assisting others hurting, hopeless, no faith to speak of and lifting them up, encouraging them that there is HOPE.

Dion's books are geared to those people. They are easy to understand, applicable to life today and can lead people that previously have had no relationship with Christ, to draw closer to HIM.

Dion lives in Atlanta Georgia can be reached by email at on facebook at Dion Welton and at the Facebook group Hope Is Now.